Thursday, January 22, 2015

FYI : What does your label means?

While doing some readings for my next blog, I came across something very intriguing.  I realized that we trust labels to fast. We are in a world full of misleading words that have made their way on to food labels in grocery shelves almost everywhere. Companies have gotten very good at convincing us that their products are clean and green as it can be. 

However, it is up to us to read in between the lines.

WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS: That somebody has test the product to make sure it will not cause any allergic reactions.

WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: Companies are free to define it however they like - no government regulations around this term.

WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS: This product is made from all natural things.

WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: Who knows? The government does not regulate this term also. It can basically mean anything. 

WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS: That every ingredient in this product is USDA Certified Organic farm.

WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: This means that some of the ingredients are certified organic, and the remaining others are not.

WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS: Finally!!! A product with no fragrance.

WHAT IT REALLY MEANS: There could be a slight fragrance, it's just that you can not smell it because it's formulated with masking agents that block the smell of all the other ingredients.

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