Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pour me a bubbly...

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Are we feeling luxurious today? Or, do you feel like spending a little bit more on some ingredients? Then pop a champagne bottle. This bubble-infused wonder can be found throughout many beauty products whether in skincare or makeup.

Champagne helps us promote youthful skin and generally helps in treatment of aging. It can even help with minor skin blemishes.

Check out these three bubbly routines:

1. Use it as a toner. Every night before going to bed, dab a little champagne on a cotton pad and tone out that skin. 

2. Just like the saying sparkling champagne; champagne can leave your hair with that extra sparks and brings out the brightness in your natural or colored hair. Just mix 1/2 cup champagne with 1/2 cup hot water and rub it on your hair and let it sink for 15 min, and than wash it out. See that hair shine.

3. We all want that nice bubble bath, here and there. All you need to do is pour a cup or two of champagne in with your bubble bath. Before that, make sure to scrub yourself with salt scrub. This way the champagne soaks in the skin, and moisturizes.

Now, pour yourself a glass of bubbly and try out some of there beauty regime. Let me know would you ever use champagne again ? 

SweetReadings :) 


  1. On my way to buy a bottle!

  2. Gud job bibi, your blog makes my day!