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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Miracle Seed

Best things come in small packages, just like the super-food: pomegranate. Pomegranates may not be the fist thing you reach for at a supermarket, but it is definitely something you would want to consider on your next trip to the market.

Drinking pomegranate juice benefits our health and skin in many ways. It is one of the few fruits whose juice is beneficial to us. If you drink a glass of pomegranate juice everyday, your skin will start glowing instantaneously. 

Here are some benefits to this miracle seed:

1. Anti-Aging
Pomegranates can rejuvenate your skin internally as well as externally. The oil from the skin strengthens your skin which helps reduces wrinkles.

2. Protection against Skin Cancer
This miracle seed contains anti-oxidants which helps you from skin cancer. It also reduces the effects of sunburns and soothes your skin.

3. Skin-Inflammation
If you are suffering from skin inflammation than use pomegranate seeds to soothe your skin. Many experts recommend pomegranate oil to heal small cuts or skin problems. They also leave no trace of the cut on the skin.

Invest in good beauty products that contain promagrante as their key ingredient.

So, put away those greasy bag of chips and reach out for that handful of pomegranate seeds.

SweetReadings :)