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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

8 Nighttime Musts

We all have some bad habits that we need to break. I need to stop junking on anything sweet and start hitting the gym.
However, there are some habits that can really effect us in a negative way. I have summed up about 8 nighttime habits that are a must.


1. No TV or Phone
Fake lights from computers, tablets and smart phones puts down your melatonin levels, which can throw off your body clock. This also increases risk of obesity.

2. Remove your Makeup
Number one rule I beg you never to break. Throughout the entire day our face builds up a lot oil and dirt. This causes a lot of bacteria. So, for this just take a few minutes to give your face a clean wash.

3. Don't Tight your Hair
Tying your hair causes breakage to the hair. You are also encouraging a receding hairline over time. Just let your hair relax and free when you sleep.

4. Brush your Teeth and Floss
This will definitely give you great morning breathe. In short, you will not end up with cavities that can later ruin your teeth.

5. Staying Up Late
Having a late night causes red eye in the morning which also causes high stress. This can also lead to uneven skin tone, puffiness, bags under your eye. So to avoid all this just hit the bed on time.

6. Do Not Drink or Eat Sugar Right Before Bed
Not only will this increase your blood sugar, but you will be putting on acid (sugar) into your body that will sit in your body all night long eat. 

7. Apply Hand cream
Since your hands are constantly busy during the day, apply a good amount of hand cream while you sleep. This will give your hands time to moisturize overnight.

8. Switch Pillowcases
Between your face and your hair there are a lot of grease, that will gather on the pillow. Switch out your pillowcases for a clean one about once a week to minimize the bacteria that your face sleeps on each night.